About the campaign

Por un Turismo Responsable y Sostenible #BeLegalMyFriend


In the 2019 campaign, we did not want to eliminate the "Belegalmyfriend" brand (its "philosophy", its website and its social media networks), but to reinforce it with new messages and new actions focused on three aspects:

1. Highlight the importance of the campaign itself; to value the well done work against the intrusion in tourist housing, by the Tourism Board of the Valencian Community and FEVITUR, as a basic and fundamental requirement for the regulation of the sector.

2. Find points of contact between the sector (owners and managers of tourist apartments) and the rest of the social agents (administration, local merchants, consumer associations and neighbourhood associations, etc ...).

3. Strengthen local, national and international dissemination and promotion; Being, without complexes, a campaign "Made in CV" (Valencian Community) for everyone; because the diffusion of multilingual supports in digital platforms will allow us to reach other territories, national and international; and because the action plan will include specific presentations in Spanish and international forums.

And so it came to the world "WELLDONE, WELCOME", a new claim that is integrated into the original graphic proposals, with a Communication and Marketing strategy similar to the first campaign that, as a novelty, seeks the complicity of the Associations of Tourist Housing, Merchants, Businesses, Users and Consumers, ... Because fighting against the intrusiveness in the sector, promoting the regulation of tourist housing, and favouring the conciliation between neighbourhoods, tourists and owners / managers of tourist apartments, are three common and inalienable objectives for any public or private institution, for any political party, and for any person, in a territory so closely linked to tourism as the Valencian Community.

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